Monday, January 31, 2011


If you are my age you know what those are.....but apparently if you are of the "newer" generation you will not find them. I home school and because I do I am able to teach my children the way I want to. A couple weeks ago I asked on FaceBook if anyone had an old set of encyclopedias in there garage or stored away that they wanted to get rid of. Most of the responses were that they are not needed because we have the internet and kids can just find whatever they need right there. I tried to explain that I wanted my children to "learn" how to research and if they used the internet they wouldn't need to use A-B-C order to look things up the internet does that all for you. I was offered a couple of sets which is great for me, because when I priced them on the web (yes I used the internet for my research) they cost over $1000.......well I've told you before I'm cheap so you know that wasn't going to happen. My point is.....and I do have a point.....that we are raising a bunch of lazy kids who are not required to use their skills to find things out for themselves. And as adults we are allowing the internet to take away those skills that we learned. I just remember thumbing through a book in the set we had and being in awe of some of the things I just happened to run across. I'm not sure I want my kids to be in awe of something they just run across on the internet.....just a thought.

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