Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Belly Aches

Well today the belly aches have set in. Isn't amazing how they can be running around laughing and carrying on and as soon as I say it's time for school the belly aches come on. Yesterday at school it was like pulling teeth for one unnamed 5 year old and today when it was time to start her belly hurt. It seems to happen like that quite often. So off to bed I sent her, which was fine with her, and I told her that she probably wouldn't be able to go to ballet since it hurt sooooooooooo bad. I will give her another chance to be remarkably healed in about a half-hour and if it's not any better that just means I won't have to sit down at ballet for the second class.....YAY for me (wait did that sound bad of me?), what I meant to say was I really hope she is able to attend class today. ;) Well I guess I better go check on my dying child who is probably in there playing with something instead of resting.

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