Monday, February 7, 2011

Can't be Monday already

You've got to be kidding me.....there is no way that a week has went by. It was just Monday 3 days ago. Who ever is playing around with the calendar just needs to KNOCK IT OFF!! It's really not Monday that gets's Tuesday, Wednesday, get my drift. I promise you I just took the girls to Tuesday's ballet class and now you are telling me I have to do it again tomorrow. The thing that gets me the most is I have nothing to show for the past 7 days.....sure I've done laundry, cooked, cleaned, taught, but what I'm looking for is something out of the ordinary. Something that makes me smile (not to say that washing umpteen pairs of socks doesn't bring me joy) and makes we want to do it again. I would love to take the kids on a magical trip but for some reason the money just doesn't want to stretch like it should. I mean come go to Disneyland now is $169 each for tickets and then we have gas to get there at $3.28 a gallon, and since we don't want to go and come back in a day you have to add in the hotel..$95 and for some strange reason my kids like to eat so we are looking at another $75 a day. How do they really think a family of 4 can go there and still be able to pay bills too? Yes, I know I can take the kids to the park:free or we can on a walk:free but let's be honest do those things really compare with Mickey? Give me a break Monday!! I want some Mickey ears!!

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