Thursday, February 3, 2011

Family -- Gotta love 'em??

Yes I am asking if you really have to love your family. I'm not talking about those people that came from your body or even the person you stood in front of people and promised to love forever. The family I'm talking about is those that have the same blood as you but you had no choice in them being family. Let's start with my mom -- I love her but man can she find just the right buttons to set me off and ruin my day. It's okay for her to get upset with me but if I do the same with her you would think I had committed the most heinous crime imaginable. Now let's talk about my sister (who is ultimately the reason my mom and I have our biggest disagreements)-- I have pretty much my whole life not gotten along with my sister, so why should now be any different. A couple years ago we were trying to get along and it was going quite smoothly, then BAM her daughter had to do what I feel was the most hurtful thing you could do to me. And yes I am blaming her for the actions of her daughter, but only because she knew ahead of time what was going to happen and she choose not to inform me of it so that I could be prepared. Now I have a brother too....whom I love so much....but he tries to be the peace keeper and thinks I should just let the hurt go. Easier said than done in my book. So since I don't want anything to do with my sister my mom can become quite ugly to me, she thinks I should pretend that it never happened.....yeah, like that's going to happen.

The point behind all this is.....I wanted to go visit my mom with my kids and she told me that my sister's daughter was going to be there with her kids at the same time. I told my mom to never mind I would just come at a different time and she got mad at me. the question is: Do we have to love our family just because they are our family???

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